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Peeble 2015 - 2021

A Time and Project management application that was in use from 2015 to 2021.

The application had 2 different user groups:

  • Administrator
  • User

Administrators had the ability to manage their company's:

  • Time entries
  • Manage projects (add deadlines etc)
  • Different views for time entries (calendar, gantt)
  • User management (ability to create new users)

And users had the ability to create new projects and add new time entries.

This was our largest project to date. This project has been discontinued since January 2021 and moved to a new place ( with many more features.

Here's what it now looks like

  • NordSure (Preset - user view)

  • NordSure (Present - company view/reports)

👏 😍

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